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4 Key Benefits of Retrofit Double Glazing

After years of supplying and installing retrofit double glazing to homes throughout Canterbury, our customers frequently report four key benefits of retrofitting double glazing windows. These are that they can be made to fit, reduce long term costs, are energy efficient and help preserve historic house value.

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Why Choose a Glass Balustrade System?

When looking for balustrades, glass is becoming a common choice for both commercial and domestic buildings because of their sleek look and cost effectiveness. Here are the main reasons you should consider a glass balustrade system for your home or office space.

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Features and Benefits of Frameless Glass

We have seen first hand how frameless glass has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it’s not surprising why. Not only does it look seamless and classy, it has many features and versatile options that aren’t offered by regular glass. With more options available on the market for home and commercial use including frameless showers, fixings, hardware, doors, balustrades and pool fences, it’s time to look at the specific features and benefits of frameless glass to ensure you make an informed decision when purchasing glass products.

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Main Door Types: The What and Why

When considering upgrades for your home, doors are an often overlooked champion that can dramatically change your home’s outlook and potentially open up large areas to create a fresh and light atmosphere. It’s important to know the different types of main doors available on the market, and their features and benefits to ensure you choose the right function and style for your home and needs.

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Why Retrofit Double Glaze Your Existing Aluminium Windows?

There are numerous benefits and reasons to retrofit your existing aluminium windows with double glazing. For home owners looking for lower cost upgrades, retrofit double glazing gives a saving of between 30 and 40% over installing new windows. And because it’s such an efficient way of insulating your house and keeping it warm, your power bill is lessened in the long term.

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Main Window Types: The What and Why

There are many different types of windows that help define the style of your house, whether it is modern, classic or quirky! Nearly all windows can be customised to suit your changing needs and style, so it’s important to know the different types of windows and their benefits.

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Why Choose Glass for Commercial Interiors?

As commercial glass specialists, we’ve seen a trend in recent years towards office interiors using glass partitions and walls instead of regular walls to separate work spaces. This has come from the need for brighter, lighter offices that create positive working environments. Glass has become increasingly versatile to work with, and features many design options for privacy and aesthetics that appeal to a wide range of office styles.

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How Double Glazing Works

In most new houses (especially in Canterbury with our four seasons in a day weather), double glazed windows are now installed as standard practice. Even with home renovations, people are looking to double glazing as an easy way to improve the look, value and energy efficiency of their houses. While the heat insulation and sound proofing qualities of double glazing are well known, do you know how double glazing actually works?

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What to Expect when Replacing Windows

Being in the business of glazing and replacing old windows with new (usually double glazed) windows, we know a bit about what you should expect and the best ways to plan the changes without any nasty surprises. Every situation is unique and needs to be planned for, for example if you’re renovating your house and windows are part of the overall process, or replacing your windows is a stand alone project.

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