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4 Key Benefits of Retrofit Double Glazing

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After years of supplying and installing retrofit double glazing to homes throughout Canterbury, our customers frequently report four key benefits of retrofitting double glazing windows. These are that they can be made to fit, reduce long term costs, are energy efficient and help preserve historic house value.

1. Made To Fit

No matter your current window size and shape, double glazing can be retrofitted to fit your unique space. Double glazing can be applied to your existing aluminium windows or wooden windows without the need to reconstruct frames and surrounding spaces. This means you get the benefit of double glazing while keeping the look and style of your home. There is no change to your windows appearance from the inside, and virtually none from the outside. Because all windows and doors are machined on site, you are guaranteed the perfect fit.

2. Reduced Costs

Retrofit double glazing is more affordable than replacing windows because there is less work involved and you are using the window which is already in place. Along with this initial saving, customers also report reduced power bills after installing retrofit double glazing because their home is more energy efficient and heating/cooling appliances don’t need to work as hard to do their jobs.

3. Energy Efficiency

Thermal insulation is greatly improved with double glazing compared to standard glazing, making your home significantly warmer and more comfortable in the colder Winter months. With properly insulated seals and windows, retro double glazing ensures reduced heat loss through your windows and less draughts throughout the house.Likewise in Summer, double glazing helps reduce the amount of heat allowed in through the windows.

4. Preserves House Value

Double glazing has become the standard for new homes in New Zealand, with more people opting to double glaze as it becomes more affordable and sought after. Because retrofit double glazing doesn’t affect the look of your home, historic or character houses benefit greatly by being able to preserve their house style and value whilst adding the benefits of double glazing to an older home.

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