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5 Benefits to why Your Office Should Have Glass Partitions


As discussed in our article on, Why Choose Glass for Commercial Interiors? We talk about the natural light and the spacious effect that glass partitioning can bring to your office. However, glass interior office walls can provide a bold and unique design element as well as improve work culture and environment. Below we discuss the physical as well as the psychological benefits that can be gained when transforming the office space into a more open and better office dynamic.

Instant office appeal

Incorporating glass partitions instantly looks more appealing and is far more refreshing in comparison to traditional walls. Glass walls have a distinctly modern design look and feel, which sends a message that your business is future forward thinking.


The transparency of glass partitions break down those office barriers. Glass resonates openness, honesty, it’s less intimidating and eliminates that feeling of divide amongst employees, making it a calmer and warmer environment to work in. That sense of openness and constant visibility also helps to improve productivity and communication, ultimately making your business more efficient.

2.Modern design

Unlike paint colors and wallpaper designs, glass is less likely to become outdated and in need to be redone every time the season changes or every time the wall gets marked. Glass doesn’t fade or tarnish like other materials and can be easily cleaned, which makes it a great investment.

3.A more healthy environment

Allowing more light into the office by using glass partitions rather than walls may help reduce stress and depression. Some associate closed interiors to numerous health problems including vitamin D deficiency, seasonal affective disorder, migraines, and eye strain. More light in the office can improve harmony as well as general well-being.

4.Saving the planet

Using glass throughout your office naturally decreases the dependence on the usage of electricity consumption. Also, buildings that have more glass partitions and walls increase the amount of fresh air within its interiors which provides more natural ventilation.

As you can see there are many positives to installing glass partitions. Thermoglaz specialise in commercial glass services within the Christchurch and greater Canterbury areas. We can work with your existing building to create a modern, bright interior for your commercial space. Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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