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5 Motives to Replace Your Windows in the Summer

As we move into Summer, the garden, the decking, the driveway and all other outside household tasks become a priority. However, as the temperature climbs, replacing your windows should also be at the top of your to-do list.

Some homeowners immediately think they won’t be able to reap the benefits of double glazing during the warmers months, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Homeowners who replace their outdated windows will benefit from the upgrade immediately because double glazing helps improve your home during summer as well as during the colder seasons.

Aside from this, there are few more great reasons to replace old windows this summer.

Double glaze for better power bills

Keeping your home cool during hot weather can put a strain on the budget, especially when the existing windows are single-pane. But, double glazing improves the efficiency of your home all-year-round.

If your air conditioning has to run continually just to maintain a comfortably cool indoor temperature, you’ll notice an immediate difference in your utility bills as soon as you have new windows fitted. The glass at Thermoglaz is designed to create a thermal barrier to reduce the transfer of energy from your home to the outside. This helps retain warm air inside when outdoor temperatures are cold but also works in the opposite direction, serving to prevent outside energy – in the form of heat or cold – from infiltrating into your home.
new windows installed. We also fit coatings that filter out the rays of the sun, helping to protect carpet, draperies, and upholstery from fading.

Embrace the warm weather, avoid the bad.

Window replacement involves exposing your home to the elements, which can be brutal during winter, as there’s no pleasure in replacing your windows when it’s below 5 degrees outside.

Winter’s harsh temperatures and inclement weather can also impede construction. For example, some types of window sealants do not adhere well in cold weather, so you won’t get the best seal possible (Thermoglaz have the expertise and equipment to work around this, but we still factor this in). Replacing windows in the winter may also lead to delays if the contractor has to reschedule as a result of snowy or torrential rain conditions. Therefore, the best all-around option is to replace windows when it’s warm outside.

Window style is important too!

When you replace outdated windows in the summer, you’ll be able to make the most of your new style, design or even if you opt just to upgrade but keep the style; it will still have that newness about it.

An upgrade to windows that are a snap to clean, so it will allow you to enjoy the view of the outside free of dirt and smudges. Thermoglaz offers many styles and designs and it’s part of the service to recommend and suggest ideal styles to suit your home. If you plan to entertain this summer, then now is the time to get those windows done.

Silence the sounds of summer

By the end of November, everyone heads outside and things get noisy. Festivals and events in the park, kids sports games, remodelling projects, barbecues—almost everything adds to the neighbourhood noise level. While sounds like birdsong play can be cheerful, the increase of traffic, the sound of late-night events are definitely not as appreciated and more often it’s unwanted noise. Double glazing can significantly improve noise reduction, making your home more peaceful.

If you’re specifically interested in creating a quieter home environment, read our article on noise reduction here

Increase your window security

Modern, impact-resistant windows that are offered to today add security from break-ins—something you’re sure to appreciate when you go away on vacation. Thermoglaz has a wide selection of security features like dual-cam locks and durable steel-reinforced frames. If you put in these tough, beautiful windows this summer, you’ll enjoy peace of mind for not only during the summer season but also benefit from this smart home improvement for many years to come.

Tougher windows can also prevent high wind damage, something common in New Zealand during summer. Things such as tree branches, garden furniture and kids toys can get blown around and older windows are more susceptible to cracking and breaking which pose a danger to people and pets in the home.

Interested in an upgrade? Get in touch via our contact page or call us on (03)-363-5880. After the initial enquiry, we are more than happy to come around and inspect your home and recommend various options which we think would be suitable.

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