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5 Reasons Why You Should Retrofit Your Aluminium Windows


Aluminium windows have consistently been used across Christchurch and the Canterbury area for many years, mainly for their contemporary look and low maintenance nature. It’s likely that your current aluminium windows and joinery are still in good condition, and so you could save time and money with our unique Thermoglaz double glazing system, rather than fully replacing your windows entirely.

Here are 5 reasons as to why you should upgrade your aluminum windows to double glazing.

  1. Little changes to the appearance

    When refurbishing aluminum windows, you will barely notice a change in appearance, just a simple touch of modernisation.

  2. Improve thermal comfort

    Double glazing creates an insulating gas layer and it lets in as much sunlight as single-glazed windows, but it’s far better at holding in heat.

  3. Eliminate draughts

    Single glaze over time can cause unpleasant draughts throughout the home, by upgrading to double glazing, you can eliminate these draughts, making a more cozy home.

  4. Significant savings

    By replacing the single glass, rather the entire window, you’ll instantly save on costs and by having a better-insulated home, you’ll also have ongoing savings, by having to fork out less money on power bills.

  5. Noise reduction

    Double glazing provides more sound-proofing to your home, especially if it’s replacing ill-fitting single glazed windows. Generally the larger the gap between the panes, the better the noise reduction.

We can install Thermoglazed units into any existing aluminium frame of any size or shape, and with any finish. We provide you the most professional and reliable system available on the market, and furthermore, we’ll guarantee it stands the test of time.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation onsite appraisal for retrofit double glazing your existing aluminium windows.

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