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Assessing Framed Vs. Frameless Glass For Your Home

When it comes to deciding on new glass for your home, a key consideration is whether you should get framed glass or frameless glass. Whether it’s glass for your sliding doors, balustrades or pool fencing it can be a difficult decision so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each. If you still can’t decide, there are many semi-frameless glass options that might well suit your needs – just contact us to see what’s available.

Unhindered Views

Consider your views from where you will be installing your glass products. If you have a great outlook , frameless glass will provide a view that’s unobstructed by frames and rails – regardless of whether your doors or windows are open or shut.


Whilst all glass products require some maintenance, generally frameless glass requires less than framed glass because they have more hinges and frames to clean and maintain. In particular, framed glass doors need more work to maintain however regular and simple maintenance of lubricating the sliders and cleaning glass panels will ensure your doors keep running smoothly and quietly.


Both frameless and framed glass products have many options when it comes to style, particularly with tinting, frosting, etching, pattern and design variations. The main difference between framed and frameless glass is the metal edging around framed glass which tends to give a traditional or classic look, while frameless glass gives a more modern and architecturally designed look. Consider the style and furnishings of your house to help decide what would suit you best.

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