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Double Glazing: To Choose New or Retrofit?

Thanks to strong advances in technology, glaziers can now offer a variety of solutions for double glazing, from retrofitting your existing windows with double glazing through to brand new double glazing to fit your house and style specifications. When looking at your options, there’s a number of points to consider before choosing to go new, or to retrofit double glazing to your home.

Benefits of Retrofit Double Glazing

Retrofit double glazing can be done in most cases, regardless of whether you have wooden or aluminium window frames. As New Zealanders, we love our old character homes and want to maintain the classic wooden features, especially when it comes to window frames. Typically, older houses are colder and have more drafts than newer builds, so double glazing can be a great option to maintain character and improve warmth.

  • Using existing windows means a cost saving of 30 – 40% over installing new windows
  • Can be applied to older, houses prone to drafts and dampness
  • Double glazing can fit into existing windows of any size or shape, including feature windows
  • Retain the original character and charm of your features

Benefits of New Double Glazing

Despite the benefits of double glazing, sometimes its a better decision to choose new double glazed windows for your home. This is particularly important if you’re looking to sell and you’ve already renovated the rest of your house and the windows now look outdated. If you’re in or building a new home, double glazing is becoming the common standard for new builds and is a very simple installation process.

  • Large range of joinery to suit your lifestyle requirements and budget
  • Old windows may start wearing or rotting on the outside, have worn seals or lose the insulation around the frame
  • If you’ve renovated or upgraded the outside of your house, your old windows may not match your home’s style

Thermoglaz specialise in new double glazing and retrofit double glazing within the Christchurch and greater Canterbury areas. We can work with your existing window frames (wooden or aluminium), or fit brand new frames that look great and provide your home greater efficiency and warmth.

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