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Double Glazing Leadlight Windows

There are many homes across New Zealand that have Colonial style windows that are strong in craftsmanship and in character and so of course, many homeowners wouldn’t want to replace their uniqueness. However, most of these leadlight windows are single-glazed and therefore lose a significant amount of heat during winter, also if not taken care of, leadlight windows can leak air and water and can cause all sorts of issues.

When you surround your leadlight panel inside double glazing, it gives you the opportunity to repair and refurbish the leadlight so that it can last and provide the performance of new double glazed windows.

The advantages of double glazing your leadlight windows are:

  • It can improve the insulation of your home up to 75%.
  • Reduces power expenses, which means you’ll make back the cost of your double glazing windows over time
  • Reduces noise by as much as 70%
  • Reduces condensation, creating a drier and healthier home
  • Increases UV protection

Improve the thermal insulation but keep the heritage of your home.

Leadlight, coloured and stained glass windows are Theromoglaz’s specialty. We can retrofit your existing leadlight windows without changing the appearance, so you can hang on to the classic character while you benefit from today’s technology. The double glazing will protect the leadlight condition, ensuring it will last a very long time.

Besides the benefits of double glazing, retrofitting offers many other benefits such as;

  • It can be more cost effective than replacing existing windows
  • Maintains the integrity and character of your home
  • Utilises the existing window and door frames
  • Adds value to your home

If you’re interested in getting a free quote to enhance your leadlight windows, then get in touch with Thermoglaz today.

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