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How Double Glazing Works

how double glazing works

In most new houses (especially in Canterbury with our four seasons in a day weather), double glazed windows are now installed as standard practice. Even with home renovations, people are looking to double glazing as an easy way to improve the look, value and energy efficiency of their houses. While the heat insulation and sound proofing qualities of double glazing are well known, do you know how double glazing actually works?

How does Double Glazing Insulate?

Double glazed windows are, simply put just two pieces of glass with a small space in between them. They are designed to allow light in from the outside, while blocking any draughts from entering the house. This makes them much better insulators than standard single paned glass that doesn’t provide proper insulation.

The space between the two panes of glass is highly insulated to ensure there are no leaks between them, such as moisture from the air. Double glazing works by ensuring heat can’t escape through your windows (or allow coldness or moisture from the outside), protecting the inside your house to keep it warmer for longer.

Double Glazing Benefits

Double glazing your windows, whether they’re new or old, has many benefits you’ll love including:

  • A warmer house, because your windows are better insulated
  • Reduced cold draughts from the outside
  • Cheaper power bills, because your heating source doesn’t have to work as hard
  • Less condensation (and mold) on the inside of your windows
  • Sound proofing from outside noise
  • Better home security, as double glazing is harder to break than single paned glass

Thermoglaz specialise in double glazing new windows, and retrofitting double glazing to existing windows within the Christchurch and greater Canterbury areas. We can work with your existing window frames (wooden or aluminium), or fit brand new frames with double glazing that look great and provide your home greater energy efficiency and warmth. Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation today.


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