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Is Retrofit Double Glazing Worth It?

Is retrofit double glazing worth it

Since the New Zealand building codes have changed, most new buildings and additions are now required to have double glazing. Because of this, there has been an upswing of people with existing properties looking to retrofit double glaze their older homes. They see retrofit double glazing as an appealing option because you don’t need to replace your wooden or aluminium windows, allowing you to keep the look and style of your home whilst adding the benefits of double glazing. People are weighing up the costs and benefits of buying new windows and having them installed vs. retrofit double glazing their existing windows.

Condensation and Warmth

The biggest difference that people expect from double glazing is decreased condensation and more warmth in their homes during the harsh NZ Winter. Most people who look at double glazing have already considered or invested in insulation for their walls, ceiling and floor and other options like thermal backed curtains or additional heating sources only to find their older house is still prone to drafts and dampness. Double glazing makes a huge difference to the comfort levels in your home and when other options aren’t making the biggest difference, looking to retrofit is a great option. Whether you have old wooden or aluminium window frames, retrofit double glazing can be done easily in both cases.

Cost vs. Savings

In some cases, the cost of brand new windows can be worthwhile if you have a more modern house with old windows that look outdated. Maybe you’re looking to sell, so new windows can be a good investment because they will help increase your house’s appeal. In most cases however, using your existing windows means a cost saving over installing new windows which is the biggest appeal to most people. In the longer term, the advantages of your retro double glazing are well worthwhile. The energy efficiency of your retro double glazing means that you’ll save money on your power bill each month, so you get more money in your pocket long-term.

In conclusion, the investment of retrofit double glazing is worthwhile – a healthier, warmer, quieter home with lower power bills. More significantly, every time you look at a window that used to have condensation but doesn’t anymore, you’ll be reminded of the improvement you made!

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