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New Door Types and Options

New wooden french doors

Replacement doors are an excellent way to make your home look and feel new without the need to undertake remodelling or expensive renovations. New doors instantly upgrade the look of your home and increase its curb appeal if you’re looking to sell your house. Whatever your existing door framing (such as aluminium or wood), there are many different options available to replace your doors by either keeping the current frames or building new ones. Here’s a simplified guide of the types of new doors available and the options you have with installation.

Bi-Folding Doors

New bi-folding door systems are state of the art; they run smoothly and quietly and are extremely hard-wearing in the harsh Canterbury elements. Bi-fold doors are often chosen because they are the ultimate standard for creating a panoramic view and indoor-outdoor flow for your home. When open, bi-folding doors leave behind an almost totally empty cavity so you get unobstructed views with your doors open, connecting your living space and outside seamlessly.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great option for quick access in and out of your home, and they create an open and unobstructed view. Sliding doors are also popular because they come in a range of configurations from a simple slider to a multi sliding ‘stacker’ door with no protruding parts once open. Sliding doors are an easy-maintenance option; they’re extremely durable and feature easy to clean aluminium profiles.

French Doors and Hinged Doors

French doors and hinged doors are a timeless classic choice for new doors as they always look clean, simple and elegant. They offer great access to your outdoor area and suit many different styles of house. Available in wood or aluminium, they are extremely versatile and are able to open inwards or outwards depending on your style and space requirements.

Options and Combinations

Whatever type of door you choose, all modern systems come with many configurations and combinations to suit your unique home. We are often asked to include unevenly matched combinations that can look amazing too. All of our door systems, combined with quality workmanship provide a high level of weatherproofing and acoustic performance.

Looking at new door options?

Let’s have a chat about your property and the kind of door you need. We have a great range of modern, affordable doors as well as complete installation services. For more information or a free, no obligation appraisal, contact us today.

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