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Replacing or Retro Double Glazing Windows for NZ’s Winter

Canterbury winter

With our cold New Zealand Winter just around the corner, it’s the time of year people start thinking about replacing old windows or retrofit double glazing to ensure their home stays warm in the cooler months.

Replacing Windows

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about replacing old or damaged windows before the cold starts sneaking through as temperatures drop. When you replace windows, though the initial cost can be higher, you get long term money savings with high quality windows, where:

  • Power bills are reduced. In Winter, because heat stays inside with new windows, your heating sources such as heat pumps or electric heaters don’t need to work as hard.
  • In Summer, cooling your house is more energy efficient with new quality windows.
  • Maintenance costs on old, damaged windows are eliminated.

Other benefits of opting for new replacement windows compared to repairing them include:

  • A warmer, more comfortable home environment for you and your family
  • Reduced wear and tear on your heat pump, extending its life
  • Less chance of health issues with reduced mold, bugs and dust that enter your home through old windows
  • Increased resale value on homes usually rises with new windows
  • Reduced condensation, mold and allergens compared to old windows
  • Reduced damage to furniture, carpets and indoor items from harmful UV rays

It can be possible to get through New Zealand’s harsh Winter by fixing your broken windows, however this is only a ‘bandaid’ to the problem and leaving damaged windows too long can cause other problems to your frames and window structure. It is usually less costly in the long term to replace windows rather than fix. Learn more about what to expect when replacing windows.

Retrofit Double Glazing Windows

Another option to updating your windows for Winter is to retrofit double glaze. Although in most new houses, double glazed windows are now installed as standard practice this can still be done with your existing windows. Double glazing is known as an easy way to improve the look, value and energy efficiency of your home. Simply put, double glazing is two pieces of glass with a small space in between them to insulate the glass. They let light in from the outside and block any draughts from entering the house. Double glazed windows ensure heat can’t escape through your windows (or allow coldness or moisture from the outside), protecting the inside your house to keep it warmer for longer.
The main benefits you’ll receive from retrofit double glazing windows include:

  • A warmer house, because your windows are better insulated
  • Reduced cold draughts from the outside
  • Cheaper power bills, because your heating source doesn’t have to work as hard
  • Less condensation (and mold) on the inside of your windows
  • Sound proofing from outside noise
  • Better home security, as double glazing is harder to break than single paned glass

Learn more about retrofit double glazing for wooden windows and aluminium windows.

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