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Why Retrofit Double Glaze Your Existing Aluminium Windows?

There are numerous benefits and reasons to retrofit your existing aluminium windows with double glazing. For home owners looking for lower cost upgrades, retrofit double glazing gives a saving of between 30 and 40% over installing new windows. And because it’s such an efficient way of insulating your house and keeping it warm, your power bill is lessened in the long term.

The Specific Benefits

Cost and energy efficiency are the overall benefits of retrofit double glazing aluminium windows, specifically:

  • Smaller initial investment than installing new windows
  • Reduced power bill costs as energy efficiency is improved
  • Improved warmth in Winter (up to 50 – 70% of home heat is lost through single glazed windows)
  • Cooler in Summer
  • Decreased energy loss through windows and drafts
  • Noise reduction, resulting in a quieter house
  • Less condensation and moisture within the house, giving a dryer home

How It Works

Generally, double glazing can be applied to most existing windows of any size or shape, and frame material such as aluminium or wood. This means retro double glazing can be an option for older houses that are prone to dampness and drafts, whilst retaining the original character and charm of the house. For more modern houses with older aluminium framed windows, it’s possible to remove the glass and replace it with new double glazed glass. This retains the look of your aluminium windows whilst giving you the benefits of a warmer, dryer and more comfortable home.

Thermoglaz are experts in retrofit double glazing for existing aluminium windows and frames within the Christchurch and greater Canterbury areas. We provide you the most professional and reliable system available on the market, and furthermore we’ll guarantee it stands the test of time. Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation today.

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