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Retrofit Double Glazing Old Wooden Windows

Retrofit Double Glazing Old Wooden Windows

A question we are regularly asked is “can I retrofit double glazing onto my old wooden windows?” And our answer is usually a resounding yes! As New Zealanders we love the look and feel of wooden windows as they help reflect a home’s timeless, classic character.

The problem that comes with old wooden windows is often dampness, condensation and wetness on the glass, and mould on the timber that puts us at risk of illness. While these windows can look beautiful, the condensation is a pain to endlessly wipe and often poor seals create draughts and noise internally.

The Solution to Retrofitting Timber Windows

Because of the problems with older wooden windows and the demand to keep them in our homes rather than replace them with aluminium windows, Thermoglaz has developed the best retrofit double glazing system available for wooden windows.

Single glazed windows are the most significant source of heat loss in a home, so we have worked for over 30 years to ensure our custom made solutions retain the charm of your wooden windows whilst drastically reducing the noise, condensation and increase warmth in the colder months.

Benefits of Thermoglaz Retrofit for Wooden Windows

There are a range of benefits you will experience after having installed Thermoglaz retrofit double glazing for your wooden windows, including:

  • Virtually no change to the look of your windows from the inside and outside, retaining your home’s natural character
  • Reduced condensation and dampness – no more wiping windows on the daily
  • Improved insulation for more warmth and less draughts through the house
  • Painless installation process – all windows are machined onsite so you get the perfect fit
  • Lower cost energy bills
  • UV protection from furnishings and interior decor
  • A quieter, more relaxing home with reduced noise

Looking at retrofit double glazing your existing wooden windows?

Talk to us about the available options for retrofit double glazing your wooden windows – with over 30 years experience in the glazing industry, you know you’re in safe hands. For a free, no obligation appraisal, contact us today.

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