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Why Should You Upgrade Your Conservatory?


Conservatories first became popular almost 50 years ago, during the 1970’s! The way conservatories were built a few decades ago, their purpose was different in comparison to modern day, as many were not built for all-year-round living.

When you built yours or purchased a house that already came with one, I expect you envisioned an extension you could use throughout the year, somewhere warm in winter and cool in the summer, but the reality of what you ended up with was a conservatory that left you sweltering in summer and freezing in winter.

However, if you upgrade now, you could have the extended living space you’ve always wanted.

Temperature benefits

By simply replacing the glass will make the window panes much less prone to extreme temperatures. The technology Thermoglaz uses keeps conservatories cooler in summer by reflecting heat away and warmer in winter. The thin coatings we use also reflect the sun and stop harmful UV rays streaming into the room, reduces sun damage. This technology didn’t exist 10 years ago, making the conservatory space more uncomfortable to lounge around in.

Thermal efficiency

If you have an older conservatory and enjoy using the space during the colder months, you’ve probably always cranked up the heating, which may have left you with high power bills. Installing more energy-efficient, double glazing glass will help keep the room warm, ultimately reducing the reliance on heat pumps and other external heaters.

Modernise look

Thermoglaz can help give your existing conservatory a modernised look. We liaise with builders and architects to ensure your new or existing conservatory perfectly suits your home or commercial property to enjoy year-round, as well as help, increase the value of your property. From concept to completion, our talented team of designers and installers create the conservatory of your dreams that’s in harmony with the style of your property.

Get in touch to transform your conservatory today for a more comfortable and stylish home.



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