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Thermoglaz – Why Upgrade your Front Door when you Replace your Windows?

Upgrade your Front Door when you Replace your Windows

Quite often we find homeowners talking about replacing their windows and front entry door as separate projects, when most of the time if the windows need replacing, so does the front door. There are many benefits of doing these projects at the same time that are worth considering when you’re thinking about replacing your windows.

Unify your look

While replacing your windows is great and will give your house a whole new and upgraded look, you may find that your front door then looks a bit ‘off’ once they’re done. By having them done at the same time, you can match the design of your windows and front door to complement each other.

Get it done at once and bundle the cost

Chances are that your windows and front door were installed at relatively the same time, so they will most likely have comparable wear and tear. If you’re looking at the front door and windows as separate projects, especially if you’re requiring finance, you may find it easier to bundle the cost into one, get it done at once and be able to manage one project more efficiently.

Curb appeal and value

If you’re looking to sell your house or add value, upgrading the windows and doors at the same time will increase your curb appeal and give a greater overall impression of your home.

Looking at replacing your windows or doors?

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