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Benefits of Window Coatings with UV Protection

Window coatings with UV protection

Many modern homeowners and landlords are looking into the benefits of getting window coatings with UV protection when they install new or replacement windows. There’s several reasons for this, including more efficient energy use, reduced sun damage and security.

Protection Against UV Rays

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause damage to fabrics, furniture and possessions that fade or become brittle from the sun through windows without protective coatings. These UV rays streaming through your windows can also damage your skin and cause eye-strain from the glaring sun. Window coatings help block the sun’s ultraviolet radiation by creating an additional layer of protection where it’s needed most, also helping protect your belongings and interior from fading and discolouration without having to resort to pulling the blinds or closing curtains.

Energy Efficiency

As we know, Canterbury’s temperatures can be four seasons in a day. When it’s hot during the Summer, the sun hugely affects the temperature inside your house, and when it’s cold during the Winter there can be additional heat-loss inside your home. We deal with this by using the heat pump or heat recovery and ventilation systems, however this adds to the power bill. Window coatings help regulate the temperature within your home, putting ease on your electricity bill and allowing a more stable and comfortable indoor temperature.


Security and safety is a growing concern for homeowners and landlords. Because most glass types are designed to shatter upon breaking, this can cause potentially dangerous situations. By installing window film on glass helps keep broken fragments together and stop the danger of shattered glass. Some customers also opt for tinted window coatings that offer the added security benefit of outsiders not being able to see inside during the daytime.

Looking at window coatings with UV protection?

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