Colours & Finishes

Our extensive range of finishing options can be used to emphasise, blend, highlight, and accentuate your home’s design features.  Our colours are also available in matching hardware coordinates.


Powdercoating is one of the most durable colour-coatings available. We powdercoat our windows and doors using our own facilities, accredited to WANZ Enduro Colour Powdercoating Quality Standards, so we know they’re built to last. In fact, many of our powdercoat products come with a 15-year guarantee*.

*Powdercoating warranties: Some conditions apply – please speak with us for more information.

These colour finishes are applicable to New Aluminium only. Retro-fit Aluminium will be colour matched to the existing Aluminium as best possible.


Our Interpon powder coatings don’t contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

They’re recyclable during the application, they don’t contain any toxic heavy metals like lead or chromium, and produced using a sustainable manufacturing process.

pearl white colour coating thermoglaz
Pearl White
warm white pearl colour coating thermoglaz
Warm White Pearl
pearl white colour coating thermoglaz
Appliance White
arcic white colour coating thermoglaz
Arctic White


off white colour coating
Off White
bronco colour coating
okeefe grey colour coating
O’Keefe Grey
rivergum beige colour coating
Rivergum Beige
kauri colour coating
ghost grey colour coating
Ghost Grey
almond colour coating
canvas cloth colour coating
Canvas Cloth
wizard colour coating


titania darker colour coating
Matt Titania
lignite colour coating
Matt Lignite

flaxpod colour coating
Matt FlaxPod
ironsand colour coating
Matt Iron Sand

permanent green colour coating
Matt Permanent Green
scoria coating
Matt Scoria
desert sand colour coating
Matt Desert Sand
snadstone grey colour coating
Matt Sandstone Grey
grey friars colour coating
Matt Grey Friars
mist green colour coating
Matt Mist Green

karaka colour coating
Matt Karaka

mid bronze coating finish
Matt Mid Bronze
lichen colour coating
Matt Lichen
new denim blue colour coating
Matt New Denim Blue
charcoal colour coating
Matt Charcoal
bond rivergum colour coating
Matt Bond Rivergum
pioneer red coating
Matt Pioneer Red

black coating finish
Matt Black


Anodising uses an anodic oxide coating to bring out unique colours within the metal of the frame. The result is a stylish, matt metallic finish that’s durable and tough wearing.

silver mist coating
Silver Mist
dark bronze mist coating
Dark Bronze Mist
light bronze mist coating
Light Bronze Mist
black coating
Black Mist
mid bronze coating finish
Medium Bronze Mist


AEONOX Scratch-resistant powder coat technology

AEONOX is a new breakthrough technology for powder coating services, offering scratch resistance and strong durability.

AEONOX’s fine texture finish and advanced formulation technology combine to protect the surface from abrasions and minimise scratched extrusion. Offering protection from nature’s elements and the wear of everyday living.

pearl white colour coating thermoglaz
sandstone grey colour coating
Sandstone Grey
black color coating
titania colour coating
ironsand colour coating
silver colour coating
flaxpod colour coating

Platinum Doors are also available in the following powder coat finishes


A new era of low maintenance, high-performance building products can be found within our range of sublimation finishes.

Our sublimation finish technology allows us to create the look and feel of any desired texture on our aluminium.

Our most popular sublimation is a wood-grain finish that creates the aspiration of wood with long-lasting paint-free durability.

Unlike real wood that needs to be cleaned annually and stained every five years, this sublimation finish is strictly low maintenance, without the standard care, resulting in – no swelling, warping or rotting, and no need to paint.

There’s a range of wood-grain finishes to select from, and you have the option to choose another finish, aluminium on the exterior, and wood-grain Sublimation on the interior. Sublimation wood-grain can be used on front doors for an eye-catching entrance to your home.

Please note colours shown on this website are representations only. 

light cherry sublimation finish
Light Cherry
dark cedar sublimation finish
Dark Cedar
dark riverwood sublimation finish
Dark Riverwood
dark cherry sublimation finish
Dark Cherry
light bean sublimation finish
Light Bean
black riverwood sublimation finish
Black Riverwood
light cedar sublimation finish
Light Cedar
dark bean sublimation finish
Dark Bean


Interpon Brights – Is Perfect for a bold entrance with dramatic visual effect, the Brights range offers a vibrant selection of UV stable colours. Ultra-durable and weather resistant this premium powder coating range by Interpon is backed by a global 10/15 year warranty*.

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

brilliant yellow coating
Brilliant Yellow
lobster coating colour
bondi blue coating colour
Bondi Blue
lycra strip coating colour
Lycra Strip
viper green coating colour
Viper Green
jaybird coating colour
sensation coating colour
shamrock coating colour

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