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Frameless Glass in Christchurch

Frameless glass (also known as seamless glass) has become a popular choice for home and business owners in Christchurch and Canterbury due to its elegant and open aesthetic as well as robustness. Thermoglaz have been supplying and installing frameless glass doors, balustrades, pool fencing and internal partitions for over 10 years and are trusted consultants in the residential and commercial glazing sector. We provide the most professional and reliable frameless glass systems that are built to last a lifetime.

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With technological advances in glass, hardware and security systems, frameless glass is a great solution for areas where a light, open space with unobstructed views and clean lines is desired whilst also providing a solid partition for safety. Frameless glass exudes a sophisticated and clean look that is unmatched by other glass options.

In the past, glass doors have featured bulky frames and tracks that not only look heavy but can also be safety hazards. Modern architecture and glass technology has now evolved to frameless glass products that are beautifully simplistic as well as structurally robust.

Frameless Glass Doors, Balustrades, Pool Fencing & Partitions

Frameless glass doors, balustrades, pool fencing and partitions are extremely versatile. With easy installation and low maintenance, their simple design and minimalistic yet hard wearing components are designed to not only look great but last a lifetime.

There are many options for frameless glass doors, sliding doors, balustrades, pool fencing and internal partitions to suit the style and size of your home. We use toughened glass products for frameless glazing that is safe for most applications, and our doors and windows can be set to slide, hinge, pivot, bi-fold or stack as you need. We support you throughout the entire process of selecting your frameless glass products and hardware through to installation and service in years to come.

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Your frameless glass options are endless. Thermoglaz are experts in frameless glass within the Christchurch and greater Canterbury areas. Why not contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation today?

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