There are very few craftsmen able to repair and retrofit old windows, as working on existing glass can be a lot more challenging than installing new windows.

However, for homeowners who have a lot of appreciation for their worldly windows and want to keep their character, companies such as Thermoglaz can offer replacements for single glass pane, with ultra-thin double glazing. This solution not only significantly reduces the heat loss through the glass but also minimises the woes of condensation which can lead to mould and timber rot.

What are the benefits of improving the existing glass over getting new windows?

  • Retain the unique character and overall look of the house.
  • Spend less, retrofitting will often work out cheaper than new window installations.
  • Keep the original frames, if the window has timber, mature wood will endure if maintained properly.
  • A retrofit job can be completed a lot quicker.
  • Leave the surrounding framework undisturbed, replacing the glass is far less disruptive than fitting a completely new window.
  • It’s far more sustainable because it cuts down on energy waste.
  • Incredible noise and condensation reduction.

Thermoglaz has developed the best retrofit double glazing system available for wooden windows, to create new comfort levels through custom-made solutions, while retaining the original character and charm of the wood.

We have installed hundreds of retrofitted double glazing solutions in residential homes across Christchurch and Canterbury.

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