Retrofit Double Glazing

No more cold, damp and drafty windows with Thermoglaz retrofit double glazing. Extra comfort that’s 100% guaranteed.

Nothing beats a warm & comfortable home – yet thousands of New Zealander’s still suffer from cold homes, endless condensation and noise – all needlessly.

This led Thermoglaz to pioneer and develop the best retrofit double glazing system available today for timber and aluminium windows.

Whether you’re looking at retrofit double glazing for your timber framed windows, or aluminium framed windows; we’ll provide you the most professional and reliable solution available. Furthermore, we’ll guarantee it stands the test of time.

We deliver exactly what we promise and don’t cut corners. Thermoglaz is a proven brand you can trust – and we guarantee it.

Thermoglaz Retrofit Double Glazing benefits:

  • A warmer, more comfortable home all year round
  • Cooler in Summer
  • Warmer in Winter, capturing more natural heat from the winter sun
  • Saves on energy costs and decreases energy loss
  • Less condensation for a healthier, happier home
  • Reduces damaging effects of UV light on drapes, carpet and furniture (special glass types required)
  • Ideal insulation (up to 50-70% of home heat is lost through single-glazed windows)
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