Aluminium Double Glazed Windows

Warmer Home, Dryer Windows

It’s generally accepted that 51% of energy is lost through single-glazed windows of a well-insulated home – the more glass area you have, the higher your energy loss. Regardless of how much glass you have, retrofit double glazing your existing aluminium windows gives a cost saving of between 30 and 40% over installing new windows.

Over the past 30 years in the glazing industry, Thermoglaz has pioneered the development of specialist extrusions for double glazing aluminium windows, allowing homeowners improved warmth, dramatic noise reduction and substantially less condensation. Now at last, you can enjoy your favourite view more comfortably in any season with aluminium double glazed windows

Double glazing aluminium joinery

Thermoglaz Retrofit Double Glazing benefits:

  • A warmer, more comfortable home all year round
  • Cooler in Summer
  • Warmer in Winter, capturing more natural heat from the Winter sun
  • Saves on energy costs and decreases energy loss
  • Less condensation for a healthier, happier home
  • Reduces damaging effects of UV light on drapes, carpet and furniture (special glass types required)
  • Ideal insulation (up to 50-70% of home heat is lost through single-glazed windows)

We also offer solutions for double glazing wooden windows. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation onsite appraisal for retrofit double glazing your existing aluminium windows.

Double Glazed Aluminium Windows to Keep you Cosy all year round

Using our unique Thermoglaz system, there is no change to the appearance of your aluminium windows from the inside, and virtually none from the outside. The real difference is in how your home feels – warmer, dryer and quieter. Double glazing significantly reduces cold draughts from windows and noticeably enhances the comfort level of a home.

We can install Thermoglazed units into any existing aluminium frame of any size or shape, and with any finish. We provide you the most professional and reliable system available on the market, and furthermore we’ll guarantee it stands the test of time.

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retro double glazing aluminum bifold doors and windows
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