Sound Reducing Glass

Windows are typically the greatest source of noise penetration in the home – glass controls noise by reflecting sound waves back towards the source, and absorbing the noise energy within the glass.

How does sound reducing glass work?


Acoustic laminated glass, or sound-reducing glass, consists of 2 panes of glass laminated together with a 1mm thick acoustic laminated membrane. It appears as a single pane of glass, however, the membrane reduces noise by absorbing the sound vibrations and energy from traveling through the glass.

You can reduce noise levels from outside your home by using acoustic laminated glass, increasing the thickness of the glass within a double glazed IGU (insulated glazing unit) or a combination of both. The larger the gap between the panes, the better the sound control.

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Why choose sound reducing glass?


For homes exposed to more extreme levels of and/or high pitched noises, combining insulated and acoustic laminated glass in an IGU will give you the best noise protection and the most comfort in your home.

When closed, windows with sound proof glass work to block out outside disturbances and create a more comfortable living environment – without compromising on style.

Low-E contributes to a warmer interior surface, significantly reducing condensation in your home.

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