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5 Reasons Why People Want Tinted Windows


More Cantabrians are requesting and installing tinted windows on their home as they come to the realisation that tinted glass has many benefits, such as making your home more comfortable, efficient and secure.

Here are 5 reasons why tinting your home windows might be a good idea.


Rather than having to shut out sunlight and the outdoor views with the use of curtains and blinds to gain some privacy in your home, a privacy window film will do just the trick. Adding a privacy window film will prevent passers-by from looking into your home but won’t take away the non-tinted privileges.

UV Protection

Sun glare is not only irritating, but it’s also potentially harmful. As we’re all aware, long-term UV light exposure can have lasting effects on our skin and eyes and we have to be even more cautious living in New Zealand. Tinting your home windows blocks UV rays, so you can enjoy natural light and outdoor views whilst protecting your skin and eyes.

Sun & Heat Protection

By installing a tinted film, you not only protect yourself from sun exposure but also your furniture, carpets and other upholstered items you may have. Over time, sunlight can leech the colour from textiles, but having tinted windows can prevent this from happening. A heavy dose of sunlight can also increase indoor temperatures, especially during a New Zealand summer when the sun is strong, but applying a tint film will reduce temperatures, creating a more comfortable environment.


Window tint deters thieves from looking into your home, which improves your sense of home security. If your windows are darker, it’s more difficult for anyone to gain an understanding of the contents and layout of your home and to detect if anyone is in, or who resides there at any given time of day.

Reduce energy consumption

Given the sun won’t now easily overheat your home, there will be less need for fans and air conditioning, which can make a huge difference and an effective way to reduce household energy consumption. Protecting your furniture and reducing your indoor temperatures will equate to more savings in the long run, so start making a difference today by contacting Thermoglaz.

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