Platinum Doors

An entry door should be strong and solid yet integrate beautifully and seamlessly with the look and feel of your home.

Our Platinum Doors range brings together the best in modern and traditional door designs, complemented with a superior range of fixtures.

Our range is constructed of aluminium, with the Element door adding bonded glass to the interior and exterior of the panel. Thermally broken options offer improved comfort, warmth and energy efficiency.

Platinum Doors are manufactured to order to meet your individual requirements. Explore the range below.
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Tongue and Groove Range

The aluminium tongue and groove range replicate the traditional style of a wooden tongue and groove door, resulting in a modern stylish door, without the inherent shortcomings of a timber panel.

The doors are constructed using aluminium panels that are clipped together and fixed in place through moulding, resulting in an incredibly strong, secure and weather resistant front door.

Flush Panel Range

Versatile flush panel doors offer a more contemporary take on classic panel doors

There are four styles to choose from. If you want more than a flat panel, you can align the horizontal grooves of your flush panel door to your existing horizontal cladding or garage door. Or contrast with vertical lines for an ultra-modern look

Classic Panel Range

The strong classical look of a recessed panel door will never date and simple elegant style will complement any home.

These doors are available in many different designs. In addition to the full solid doors, solid panels can be combined with glass panels in the top half of the door, to promote light transmission, while retaining solid door security. Glass panels come in a variety of styles, to add a contemporary edge to your home.

Glazed Doors

Our Glazed Range of Platinum Entry Doors allows maximum light into your home, with glass panels running the full height and width of the door.

The glazed door range will give a contemporary, clean look, perfect for any entrance.

Flush Glazed Doors

The Flush Glazed Entry Door offers a clean, modern look. It has a large size glass panel sitting almost seamlessly within the frame for a stylish and sleek finish.

Double glazing provides you with increased energy efficiency, security and comfort; while tinted glass options give an added sense of privacy. Dark-tinted glass is best coupled with a dark coloured door frame.

Heritage Arched Doors


Arched doors create old-world charm and grace, and are best suited to colonial-style homes. They are especially popular when used as a grand double door entrance.

Personalise your entranceway with arch style and door colour.

There are minimum size restrictions for all arched doors. Door appearance will vary depending upon door size to the fixed moulding dimensions. Only available single glaze.

Heritage Villa Doors


Villas were the most popular new home design in New Zealand from the 1880s through to World War 1.

From about the 1980s, villas saw a resurgence in popularity. Renovation of these houses is now a significant part of the building industry’s work, and a Villa door will add timeless street appeal.

If you are looking to bring life back into a beautiful villa home then this door will look great as part of your villa renovation.

Element Doors


The Element Door offers the latest contemporary style. It can be crafted using a solid painted finish for a pop of colour, or personalised with your own distinct panel design. The possibilities are endless.

Constructed by bonding toughened glass sheets to a rigid aluminium frame, this door really makes an impact.

The glass can be back-painted in a vivid colour, or even colour-matched to a tone of your choice.

Alternatively, you can create your own work of art with a customised print using the latest direct-onglass digital printing technology. Ink is applied to the back of the glass ensuring a durable, weather proof finish.

Element doors are 55mm thick, due to the construction being made up of 2 x glass panels and an aluminium frame, please keep this in mind when selecting your hardware.

We deliver exactly what we promise.

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