What are Lead Lights and how do Thermoglaz work with them?

A lead light is a handmade unit of speciality shaped glass held together with lead. The glass can be obscured, patterned or coloured and can be made into simple shapes or images.

Our installation team will come to site, remove the lead lights, and replace them with temporary single glazed glass. The property will be left closed at the end of the day. The lead lights will then go to our professional lead lighter who repairs/replaces any broken lead or cracks and place the units in a specialist bath solution to soak off years of build-up. The refurbished units then go to our glass manufacturer to be made into the glazed unit. The unit effectively becomes triples glazed as the lead light is placed between two panes of glass.

When refurbishing speciality aged glass, it is important to note that glass of an antique nature is often made with natural imperfections, which become more apparent once the glass is cleaned. Heat splits, bubbles and other imperfections are not caused by damage to the unit, but rather are standard within traditional glass making methods and add to the historical story and character of the glass.

The end result is a beautiful, re-stored, and well-preserved lead light that continues to add character to your home for another 50 years.

Colonial Bars

Colonial Bars are vertical and horizontal bars that run across both the interior & exterior of your windows and are available in timber, and often found in aluminium windows as well.

Timber colonial units have an internal spacer inside the glass unit that lines up with the colonial timber bars to provide depth to the glass. Timber is then placed on the interior & exterior faces of the glass to return the original appearance.

Coloured Glass

Our team can work with your and our suppliers to select a coloured glass for your new or retrofit windows, which needs to be suitable to fit in a double-glazed unit. A wide range of patterns, textures and options are available.

We deliver exactly what we promise.

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