Parkwood Entry Doors

For over 25 years, Parkwood have specialised in hand-crafted doors that look stunning, are easy to install, and built to last.

Parkwood’s entrance doors are constructed from the most durable and highest-quality materials available, including Aluminium powder-coated doors, Duramax Composite, and solid Timber doors, so they’ll stand the test of time.

Aluminium Powder-Coated Front Doors

Our selection of front doors with architectural designs all include aluminium frames that offer stability, strength, and the highest level of security.

  • Simple to maintain
  • Resilient in extreme weather
  • Robust, secure, and stable
  • Your prefered colour is powder coated
  • Appropriate for dark colors
  • 10 Year Warranty

Duramax Composite Entry Doors

Designed to endure the harsh weather conditions in New Zealand. They don’t need to be protected and won’t rust, rot, twist, or dent. The greatest insulation in our most inexpensive door line is provided ready to paint, or you can use our leading painting service.

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Edges made of solid composite resin that can be shortened or rebated
  • Superior stability is provided by LVL stiles and rails, which lessen warping and bowing
  • Core made of polyurethane for enhanced insulation better thermal rating than doors made of aluminium and wood
  • They are resilient and resistant even in harsh conditions because to their glass-reinforced polyester skins

Timber Entrance Doors

Using a variety of timber alternatives, everything is constructed with the finest level of craftsmanship. Minimum 1200mm eave, designed for protected circumstances.

  • Premium doors handcrafted by master craftsmen
  • All wood was carefully chosen and coloured matched
  • Movement by kiln drying and moisture testing
  • Made-to-measure
  • A typical assortment of trustworthy woods is available to match any design or style
  • 5 year warranty

We deliver exactly what we promise.

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