A question that often comes up, is “What is Thermally Broken Aluminium?”

It’s essentially all in the name. When a window or door frame is made up on aluminiuim, the metal acts¬† as a conductor to allow cold air and moisture to travel from the outside to of the house, to the inside.

The thermal break in the frame, made by inserting a polyamide strip, reduces outside temperatures from being transferred through the framing, resulting in warmer temperatures. Once the joinery is installed, you can’t see the difference between the frame types, but you can certainly feel it!

Thermally broken aluminium is recommended by the Window and Glass Association of New Zealand (WAGNZ), and is recommended for most new build homes. With a 73% improvement in thermal efficiency, which exceeds New Zealand Standards*, we can see why!

When partnered with a thermally efficient glass, such as Low E, the benefits to thermal improvement are even more impressive.

*(tested in accordance with NZS4211:2008 and As2047)

tinted windows thermoglaz
tinted windows thermoglaz

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